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The specialty Colombian coffee GranoTerra is originated from Timbio and other regions from Department of Cauca and Nariño in Colombia. Cosurca represents 15 associations of regional coffee producers, and provides them agricultural and technical assistance to bring one of the best coffee to consumers in the international markets. Local coffee growers know what they must deliver to meet high quality standards and GranoTerra facilitates the process directly to you.





Our market targets are also with our communities focusing on core coffee production practices and meticulous inspections. The biodiversity and the quality is needed in the soil to deliver lasting superior class of coffee beans. The detailed product and process description is provided to our consumers maintaining our community informed and committed with the quality values our markets demand.

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Growing for your enjoyment

Our coffee is the result of consistently applying adequate growing techniques and hand-picked harvesting conditions. Besides the local climate of Timbío, the organic soil and its natural ingredients to the methods of cultivation, the hand-picked techniques this product make the differences and represents one of the best coffees of the world. The coffee meets your flavor preferences to arrive fresh to your location.

Our coffee grains generate exceptional pleasure at drinking and develops a sensation of special tasting pleasure.

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