Our Process

Organic production for unique tasting

From growing exceptional green beans to roasting brown shinny beans, specialty coffee from the Timbío and Cosurca regions have earned an enviable reputation for its outstanding and superior quality for its delicate and cleanest engineered process of growing, drying and care.

Growth conditions

The arabica coffee produced in Timbío and the Cosurca regions are genetically special compared with other coffee species. Wet processing for completion, and sun drying ending. The dark soil of Timbío has a pH between 5 and 6, average temperatures of 19˚C, and elevation between 1400-1900 meters above the sea level.

These growing conditions are key factors that make the exceptional difference of its medium body, balanced high acidity, finest flavor of ending roasted beans, original berry sweetness and natural aroma. Organic production is 65%.


Our coffee is the result of consistently applying adequate growing techniques and hand-picked harvesting conditions. Besides the local climate of Timbío, the organic soil and its natural ingredients to the methods of cultivation, the hand-picked techniques this product make the differences and represents one of the best coffees of the world.

Coffee cherry



and processing


quolity control

Green beans


Coffee cherries in production

Coffee cherries in production. The coffee cherries are oval and mature in 7 to 9 months. Among the projects supported by Cosurca, there are organic production of cherries. During this process only, organic fertilizers are used. Other cherries follow the traditional or conventional steps until cherries are handpicked and processed.

Collection and processing

GranoTerra is a coffee company established and operating in United States, created and supported by roots from Timbío, a town with a population of 34,000. GranoTerra and the Cooperative of Cosurca have joined efforts to support 1400 families of coffee growers and have committed to bring the best coffee to markets.

The fair commerce to benefit 1400 families as regional coffee growers is a process that has taken many years to develop. Over the years and generations, the families of coffee growers continue their commitment to fulfilling their mission for getting fair social living standards.

Recently, a few cooperatives have been authorized to engage in exporting the quality beans. Families, cooperatives, technical agricultural experts, proper legislations and central government entities are responsible to watch and monitor the whole production and exporting process. Their responsibility focuses in maintaining the high-quality standards and export compliance as demanded by international commerce.

Ongoing inspections and auditing standards

GranoTerra faces the environmental necessities of the coffee farmers and their communities with strong basis of identification with the markets today. Men and women coordinate efforts together as families with private, government and coffee grower’s cooperatives to identify and assess quality processes risks factors across all phases of the coffee production lines.

Auditors assist farmers in the administration process to ensure Fair Trade coffee also complies with the standards. Their production, harvesting, selling and overall small business operation stays within sustained efforts.

Regional experts and cooperative organizations meticulously inspect and monitor the quality standards. Ongoing inspections are done to ensure the exceptional quality meets what international markets require.

Green beans transportation

Conventional transportation of green beans extracted from the heart of the mountains. The Colombian coffee growers from the Timbío and Cosurca regions deal exclusively with specialty green coffee beans, 100% arabica. Arabica green beans in this area are collected from large to mid-size growers, mainly from different small and large farms located in the regions.

Green Beans are packaged into 70kg sacks according to the specifications imposed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers. Cosurca coffees have USDA organic certification, Fairtrade Flo, Fairtrade USA.


The Cosurca regions and Timbio produce one of the best and finest coffees quality available in the international coffee markets today. Local coffee growers know what they must deliver to meet high quality standards and GranoTerra facilitates the process directly to you. Our comprehensive approach is to sustain the long-term quality and flavor values.

We care about service and satisfaction of global consumers and the high standards required to sustain adequate farming work required to produce a distinguished supreme coffee flavor. Our coffee flavor quality requires to stay consistent with all unique characteristics of hand-picked beans from the southwest of Colombian mountains.