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Unique tasting on every single sip

Colombian coffee generates exceptional pleasure at drinking and develops a sensation of special tasting pleasure for its organically cultivated characteristics of the best specialty arabica aroma.

Assistance Profile

The idea of GranoTerra was born in Timbio in the summer of 1992. Some coffee growers met for brainstorming possibilities to export their coffee beans. The coffee of Cosurca was well known because the competitive high quality of regional and local coffees and the competitive position in the international markets. Due to lack of access to directly export the coffee beans, our dream to export the coffee was postponed until now. Central government softer the export restrictions recently and let the cooperatives to handle a conglomerate of good quality producers and the export markets.

Carlos Rengifo, the founder of GranoTerra, led such brainstorming in the summer of 1992, kept his vision of exporting the product and is now in charge of developing additional efforts through GranoTerra to reach out increasing prospective markets overseas to benefit consumers and the coffee growers.

Our pride

Our strategy is to directly deliver this coffee to you. We are open for business, we follow what you want and expect. Our coffee sustains your flavor preferences to meet your business forecasts.









We can accommodate from short to large orders for your personal consumption or commercial needs. We can meet your consumption requirements to serve your individual wants. We deliver one of the best coffees to all coffee consumers, our GranoTerra coffee is one of the first and foremost, one of the best coffees of the world.

Our product

The specialty Colombian coffee GranoTerra is originated from Timbio and other regions from Department of Cauca and Nariño in Colombia. These regions are surrounded by fertile mountains and rainforests with abundant mixed vegetations. Volcanos and long chain of mountains are part of these regions in the southwest of Colombia. Co-existing coffee farmers, enthusiastic to living in peace rather than taking positions on each side, work day to day in abundant forests and vegetations to frame the coffee green growing plantations.

Coffee growing process is technically assisted by local cooperatives and agricultural coffee well trained professionals. Coffee consumers enjoy this supreme quality every day. GranoTerra is committed to supply one of the best coffee produced on earth directly from the coffee growers to consumers.

Products Variety

All varieties have top-notch 83-85+ cupping scores. Cupping score is nothing else than coffee tasting, is the common practice during quality control techniques that triggers identities, tastes, natural aromas, texture, balance, acidity, etc. Granoterra carries selected:

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Fair Trade Conventional

Coffee from small lots or micro lots from single & small farms

To reach the Fair Trade Organic standards all produced coffee beans are fully washed, constant farming is performed, and farm owners are experienced, assisted and monitored. Our coffee beans are from farms that are generally small. Their agricultural growing techniques are well maintained, and all quality protocols are applied all the time. We follow what is right for the families of the coffee growers and the environment is maintained clean to bring the greatest quality coffee in the world to you.

Fair Trade Coffee is the coffee that has been certified as produced according to fair standards, and our coffee follow those standards. Current Fair-Trade organizations promote transparency and respect in international trade and we deal with a product that complies with those requirements.
Most coffee trees growth under shadow of natural companions of other native trees and farms belong to small producers. Drying process is at sun light and natural air. From production to market, Fair Trade is applied.

Our whole coffee beans production is clean, and transactions are transparent and based on ethically-sourced environment.


In-country export regulations we ensure high level of control and compliance with international standards, goods customs clearance and security. We believe it is important to follow export regulations to protect the transactions, the product and our responsibilities. The terms of our wholesales:

FOB shipping port



Buenaventura is a Pacific port city located 185 miles far from Timbío. Most of the international carriers operate efficiently from Buenaventura. Logistic shipping arrangements can be done upon request.


The Timbio region has a coffee production capacity of 700,000 70-Kg bags per year with a projected increase of 10% every three years. With the introduction of the fresh GranoTerra coffee beans to the natural desire of consumers, the high cup quality attributes are open to quickly supply increasing market demands of specialty coffee around the world.

With the specialized and extensive farming, this coffee will give you more satisfaction delivered.